co-invent the world of tomorrow

Can AI help us build high-performance distributed computing frameworks? Operating system kernels? Computer chips? Event horizon telescopes? Spaceships?

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our mission

Build intelligence to co-invent the future.

We envision a future where people and powerful AI agents interact and collaborate in unseen ways to create and discover.

To achieve this, we build AI that plans, abstracts, verifies, and discovers new skills and knowledge.

about us

Our team has built and published award-winning research on the frontier of AI.

We've worked on deep learning, reinforcement learning, multi-agent systems, economics, robotics, automated experiment design, program synthesis, formal verification, and more.

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investors and partners

We're fortunate and thankful to be supported by our investors and partners.

Eric Schmidt
Lead investor
Jeff Dean
Investor and strategic partner
JP Millon
"A future where AI is harnessed for humanity’s social and economic flourishing is no longer a pipe dream. Asari AI’s approach to AI has huge potential to bring this future closer, letting innovators across disciplines collaborate with intelligent machines which are safe, skilled at creative and abstract reasoning, and can earn the public’s trust."

- Eric Schmidt, Former CEO of Google and former executive chairman of Alphabet.